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Production Photos

Reviews and Quotes

"Assistant Director Marie-Claire Erdynast worked closely with [Dawn Monique] Williams to keep this cast running full throttle and the many costume changes on cue."

-Vince VMedia-- Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

"Here sits a beautiful, smart leading lady — and the audience is practically swayed to tears thinking: please don’t end up like your mother."

-John Darling, Ashland Tiding-- Fragments

"Marie-Claire Erdynast, in a rock-solid performance"

- Barry Willis, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle-- All My Sons

"Ruffiana (the tart) was played by Marie-Claire Erdynast... A wonderful performance, especially in the adolescence scene."

- Daniel Faigin, Observations Along the Road -- A Company of Wayward Saints

Monologue from Sturgeon Play by Marisa Carr

Commercial Reel

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