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Upcoming Projects

The Ground

Marie-Claire is a performer and the assistant director on The Ground The Ground, a tabletop puppet show produced by Odd Savvy. The workshop was recently funded by the Jim Henson Foundation. The Ground plans to be performed in July 2024

Past Production Photos

Reviews and Quotes

"Assistant Director Marie-Claire Erdynast worked closely with [Dawn Monique] Williams to keep this cast running full throttle and the many costume changes on cue."

-Vince VMedia-- Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

"Here sits a beautiful, smart leading lady — and the audience is practically swayed to tears thinking: please don’t end up like your mother."

-John Darling, Ashland Tiding-- Fragments

"Marie-Claire Erdynast, in a rock-solid performance"

- Barry Willis, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle-- All My Sons

"Ruffiana (the tart) was played by Marie-Claire Erdynast... A wonderful performance, especially in the adolescence scene."

- Daniel Faigin, Observations Along the Road -- A Company of Wayward Saints

Monologue from Sturgeon Play by Marisa Carr

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